The first day:
After the reception at the airport Zvartnots  in Yerevan to go to the hotel and prepare to go out to start the first day of the tour and on this day will be a tour of Yerevan, the Armenian capital, which is 2801 years old we will learn the most important tourist and archaeological in this city known in the pink city because of the colour of stones and know the stairs Cascade and Opera After that, we will go to the Megerian carpet factory, where many carpets in different shapes and colours are exhibited in the factory museum, the long history of the art of the Armenian carpet industry.
Then take a meal in one of the traditional Armenian restaurants and continue the tour of the city and in the evening you can discover the courtyard of the Republic, which is considered one of the most beautiful squares in the world. The centre of the square resembles a huge Armenian rug from the top and the fountain of the dancer, the first fountain in the world.


The second day:

On this wonderful day and after breakfast you meet your tour guide at the hotel and start outside Yerevan at the beginning of the ancient SAGHMOSAVANK monastery, which is next to the Kasagh River. Then we will head to the castle of AMBERD FORTRESS, a castle of the tenth century at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level. ARAGATS MOUNTAIN Enjoy the beauty of nature there.


The third day:

After breakfast in the hotel, meet your tour guide and embark on a wonderful journey. Get out from Yerevan and head to the ancient KHOR VIRAP MONASTERY and discover the ancient Armenian architecture. Then head to SELIM, a passage built in 1332 AD as a destination for tired travelers. To enjoy the beauty of this famous lake.


The fourth day:

After finishing breakfast at the hotel and meeting with the tour guide, we will go to SANAHIN, which was established in the 10th century and was listed as UNESCO World Heritage site alongside the monastery in the nearby Haghpat, then head to LORI BERD which is a medieval castle and from there we will go to the Botanical Garden Armenia is one of the most beautiful parks in Armenia to enjoy the beauty of nature and then return to Yerevan.


 The fifth day:

On this day after breakfast in the hotel we will head to the temple of Garni, the only Greek Armenian temple in Armenia, which goes back to idolatry and is considered one of the most famous areas in Armenia for tourism. After the completion of the temple of Garni we will go to GEGHARD, a monastery dating back to the Middle Ages in Armenia, The miracle of Armenian construction, where part of it was carved in the mountain next to it and when it is finished we will return to Yerevan to spend free time and we will be with you to serve you.


The sixth day:

As in previous days after breakfast in the hotel meet with the tour guide and go to the city of Deljian, which is famous for the sulfur water resorts and many of the tourist and archaeological areas, which we will spend a pleasant time and then go to one of the ancient monasteries in the area overlooking the river Debed and then go to Akhtala , Is a town and municipality located in Lori County in Armenia, located along the Shamlugh River, on the slopes of Mount Lalvar which is a tourist logic to see the areas and enjoy there and then return to Yerevan.


The seventh day:

Check out of the hotel and head to the airport.

Wishing you a happy trip.

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