Honeymoon is the most important part for the bridegrooms because they choose where to spend their time with each other. If the wedding cost is high and you cannot travel to Paris, Maldives or Venice, we suggest you Armenia for honeymoon at a lower cost than this and here we will give you several tips to do in Armenia and honeymoon Wonderful:

Several tips for honeymooning in Armenia

In the end if you like our suggestions for the month of the worm can contact us and we will be happy to prepare everything you want to spend more than wonderful times with your sweetheart.

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1-Diving, swimming and sailing in Sevan:

Lake Sevan is the perfect solution and the first honeymoon you can spend romantic time with your wife and enjoy the beauty Blue of Armenia you can dive or ride the boat or even relax and spend the wonderful time there.

2- Flying on the longest ropeway in Tatev:

On this wonderful trip, you can see the beauty of Armenia in a romantic atmosphere and you can see the historical Monastery of Tatev in the end. This wonderful journey that holds the breath in the world's longest Telfrik should not miss this opportunity.

3- Wandering in Dilijan woodlands:

Located in northern Armenia, Dilijan town and its neighborhood is one of the fast growing tourism attractions in Armenia, mostly because of staggering landscape- lush forests, crystal clear mountain lakes and fresh air. Staying at one of the hotels inside the town, you’ll have an easy access to nearby cultural and historical attractions- Haghartsin Monastery, Goshavank and others- find a serene romantic corner at the Lake Parz, in the Dilijan National Park.

4- Walking long distances, Mountain Climbing, Parachuting։

Armenia has a lot to offer to couples the most adventures. The picturesque Armenian landscape is ideal for hiking, paragliding and mountain climbing.

5- Exploring Yerevan nightlife:

If you want more urban adventures filled with relics and dances with your great half, Yerevan, the old Armenian capital but at the same time the trendy capital, will warmly welcome you and treat all the tempting pleasures of the vibrant city.

6- Discovering cultural and historical gems:

Armenia is not only an adventure, it is also a cultural and historical gem. It contains many medieval monasteries and churches, as well as ancient prehistoric temples. You can take your wife on a romantic tour to learn about the archaeological areas of Armenia.

7- Savouring delicacies of Armenian cuisine:

No matter how you spend your honeymoon you should taste traditional Armenian food and have a romantic Armenian dinner and if you like the food you can ask about the recipe (Armenians are hospitable people) in the end a romantic dinner with your wife will not be forgotten.