Irrigation Systems
Farm management and development
Sale and purchase of land 
reclamation of agricultural land
 We offer a large variety in the field of agricultural equipment
Import and export. 
Villa designs


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Al Reef Agri Company for Agricultural Investment and Development

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 Irrigation Systems: Al Reef Agri Company provides the services of installing irrigation systems of various types using the appropriate and modern techniques according to the nature of the site.


 Farm management and development: a modern style of walls, models of building design, supervision of the structures

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 Sale and purchase of land


 reclamation of agricultural land: where the company is working on the countryside to reform agricultural land with the latest methods available and developed to achieve rapid and continuous growth in land reclamation and production of high quality crops and plowing and settling. 


 We offer a large variety in the field of agricultural equipment: to meet all the needs of agricultural professionals, whether you are a farmer or employer will find all the materials that suit your requirements (fences, irrigation devices, models of building design, equipment and mechanisms ...) 


Import and export. 

Villa designs: of the two floors and the ground floor 
Farmer restores contractors and follow-up construction until the key is delivered 
Management of houses, restrooms and farms.


Tourism services: Al Reef Company offers tourist services including hotel reservation, car insurance with or without driver, tour guide and many other services.