Al Reef Agricultural Company solution that helps everyone.

Our Services:

* Irrigation systems
* Farm management and development
* Buy and sell land
* Reclaiming Agricultural Land
* Import and export
* building houses,villas,water tanks and fences
* Agricultural machinery and equipment
* Tourist services

Al - Reef Agricultural Investment & Agricultural Development Co.

* Irrigation systems: where Al Reef Agricultural Company provides services of installing irrigation networks of various types using appropriate and modern technologies depending on the nature of the site.

*Farm management and development: A modern approach to crop production, weed management, pesticide spraying, fertilizer management, pest and crop disease management.

Buy and sell agricultural lands: large areas (2500 square meters), strategic location away from the capital Yerevan only 15 minutes, the availability of water, gas and electricity, agricultural plan, and sales plan, integrated agricultural management, investment return, provide building plans, wonderful view reveal the mountains of Armenia .

Import & Export: Al Reef Company exports products (natural fruits, dried fruits) to the UAE and 100% natural fruits, free of any preservatives, no wax and no pesticides, you can identify our products by clicking here.

Al Reef company has plans to build (wood and concrete) water tanks and fences: and an integrated team to build these houses according to standard standards where the house is delivered full and ready for housing, to know more details and plans by clicking here.

Al Reef Agricultural Company offers: a wide range of agricultural machinery that helps farmers from tractors, large machinery and trucks.

Al Reef Tourism Services: We offer integrated tour services from tour guide, hotel reservation or hotel apartments, cars of different sizes, and integrated tourist programs starting from 4 days or 7 days, you can learn about our programs by visiting our website by clicking here.

Reclamation of agricultural lands: Al Reef Company is working on the reform of agricultural lands using the latest available methods and advanced rapid and continuous growth in land reclamation and production of high quality crops plowing and settlement.